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Password hashing

Using md5 or sha1 hashes for storing passwords is not recommended as they are easy to brute-force with modern hardware. The password hashers included with the framework make it easy to hash and verify your passwords using modern, secure and robust hashing algorithms.


Hasher Requirements
Bcrypt Always available
Argon2i Available if PHP has been compiled with Argon2i support
Argon2id Available if PHP has been compiled with Argon2i support


We'll be using the Bcrypt hasher in all our examples but all the hashers implement the same interface.

$hasher = new Bcrypt;

// You can also pass an array of algorithm options

$hahser = new Bcrypt(['cost' => 14]);

Check out the official PHP documentation for details regarding the different algorithm options.

The create method will return a hash of the provided password.

$hash = $hasher->create('foobar');

Note that the length of the password hash may vary depending on the chosen hashing algorithm. Therefore, it is recommended to store the result in a database column that can expand beyond 60 characters (255 characters would be a good choice).

The verify method will validate hashes generated using the create method.

$valid = $hasher->verify('foobar', $hash);

The needsRehash method returns true if the provided hash needs to be rehashed and false if not.

$needsRehash = $hasher->needsRehash($hash);