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String helper

The string helper contains a collection of string manipulation methods.


The random method returns a random string of the selected type and length. The available constants are 'ALNUM', 'ALPHA', 'HEXDEC', 'NUMERIC' and 'SYMBOLS'. You can also combine pools or pass your own pool of characters.

Generated strings containing characters from the 'SYMBOLS' pool should be escaped if used in HTLM and/or XML documents.

$str = Str::random(Str::ALNUM);

$str = Str::random(Str::ALPHA);

$str = Str::random(Str::NUMERIC);

$str = Str::random(Str::ALNUM . Str::SYMBOLS);

$str = Str::random(Str::ALNUM . 'æøåÆØÅ', 64);

The nl2br method converts newlines to <br>.

$str = Str::nl2br($_POST['input']);

The nl2br method will return HTML5 tags by default but you can make it return XHTML compatible tags by setting the optional second parameter to true.

The br2nl method converts <br /> and <br> to newlines.

$str = Str::br2nl($input);

The limitChars method will limit the number of characters in a string.

$str = Str::limitChars($input, 300);

The limitWords method will limit the number of words in a string.

$str = Str::limitWords($input, 300);

The increment method append an incremental numeric suffix to a string.

$str = Str::increment('banana'); // Will return "banana_1"
$str = Str::increment('banana_1'); // Will return "banana_2"

The alternator method will return a Alternator instance that alternates between the chosen strings.

$alternator = Str::alternator(['foo', 'bar']);

echo $alternator; // foo
echo $alternator; // bar
echo $alternator; // foo

The ascii method returns a string where all non-ASCII characters have been stripped.

// $str will be set to "Hello, world! It Works!"

$str = Str::ascii('Hello, world! ÆØÅ It Works!');

The slug method returns a URL friendly string.

$str = Str::slug('Hello World!'); // $str will be set to "hello-world"

The autolink method returns a string where all URLs have been converted into clickable links.

$str = Str::autolink($text);

The mask method will return a masked string where n characters are visible while the rest will be masked.

$str = Str::mask('password'); // $str will be set to "*****ord"

The pluralize method will return the pluralized form of a singular word.

$str = Str::pluralize('apple');

The pluralize method only works with english words. If you need language independent pluralization then have a look at the I18n docs.

The camelToSnake method will convert camel case to snake case.

$str = Str::camelToSnake('HelloWorld'); // $str will be set to "hello_world"

The snakeToCamel method will convert snake cased strings to camel case.

$str = Str::snakeToCamel('hello_world'); // $str will be set to "helloWorld"
$str = Str::snakeToCamel('hello_world', true); // $str will be set to "HelloWorld"