This version is outdated. You should upgrade your project to Mako 9.1 or Mako 10.0!
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Asset manager

The asset manager makes it easy to organize, group and display assets (CSS and JavaScript) in your views.

The asset manager will return HTML5 tags but you can make it return XHTML compatible tags by defining the MAKO_XHTML constant.


The location method will return the location of your assets as defined in app/config/application.php.

echo Assets::location();

The add method will add an asset to the manager. It can either be a URL or a path. If a path is used then the asset manager will automatically prefix your path with the path/url to the assets directory.

// Add external JavaScript

Assets::add('jquery', '');
Assets::add('jquery-ui', '');

// "/css/*.css" will now be prefixed with the path/url to your asset directory

Assets::add('web-style', '/css/web.css');
Assets::add('print-style', '/css/print.css', array('media' => 'print'));

The css method will return one or all CSS assets.

// Will print the link tag for the web-style

<?php echo Assets::css('web-style'); ?>

// Will print the link tags for all styles

<?php echo Assets::css(); ?>

The js method will return one or all JavaScript assets.

// Will print the script tag for jquery

<?php echo Assets::js('jquery'); ?>

// Will print the script tags for all scripts

<?php echo Assets::js(); ?>

The all method will return all assets that have been defined.

<?php echo Assets::all(); ?>

Sometimes you might want to group your assets. This is easy using the group method.

// Will add "/js/myscript.js" to the header group

Assets::group('header')->add('myscript', '/js/myscript.js');

// Will add "/js/myotherscript.js" to the footer group

Assets::group('footer')->add('myotherscript', '/js/myotherscript.js');

Fetching your grouped assets is just as easy.

<?php echo Assets::group('header')->all(); ?>