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Array helper

The array helper contains methods that can be useful when working with arrays.


The get method returns a value from an array using "dot notation".

$array = ['foo' => ['bar' => 'baz']];

$bar = Arr::get($array, '');

// You can also specify a default value if the key doesn't exist

$baz = Arr::get($array, 'foo.baz', 'nope');

The set method sets an array value using "dot notation".

Arr::set($array, 'foo.baz', 'hello world');

The delete method deletes an array value using "dot notation".

Arr::delete($array, '');

The random method returns a random array value.

Arr::random(['green', 'blue', 'red', 'orange']);

The isAssoc method returns true if the array is associative and false if not.

// $assoc will be set to "false"

$assoc = Arr::isAssoc([1, 2, 3]);

// $assoc will be set to "true"

$assoc = Arr::isAssoc(['one' => 1, 'two' => 2, 'three' => 3]);

The pluck method returns the values from a single column of the input array, identified by the key.

$fruits =
	['name' => 'apple', 'color' => 'green'],
	['name' => 'banana', 'color' => 'yellow'];

$colors = Arr::pluck($fruits, 'color');