This version is outdated. You should upgrade your project to Mako 9.1 or Mako 10.0!
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URL builder

The URL builder helps you build URLs for your Mako application.


The to method will return a Mako URL to the chosen path.

// Will print

$url = $urlBuilder->to('foo/bar');

// Will print

$url = $urlBuilder->to('foo/bar', ['key1' => 'value1', 'key2' => 'value2']);

The toRoute returns the URL of a named route.

$url = $urlBuilder->toRoute('home');

The base method will return the base URL of your application.

$url = $urlBuilder->base();

The current method will return the current URL of the main request.

$url = $urlBuilder->current();

The matches method returns true if the current URL path matches the pattern and false if not.

// Basic URL matching

$matching = $urlBuilder->matches('/news');

// Matching is done using regular expressions so you can also use character classes

$matching = $urlBuilder->matches('/news/article/([0-9]+)');